On-Q Solutions

One of the ways in which the current  technology revolution can be harnessed is through the outsourcing of tasks to a distributed or "zero-gravity" workforce - one that can work from anywhere.  In this context, individuals don't waste time getting to and from a "place of work" and the employer of such resources pays just for the time spent doing his or her work - coffee breaks and social chatter are excluded!  Finally, the commitment of employing someone together with associated red-tape is avoided and, if the quality of the delivery falls, the relationship can easily be terminated.  It is therefore in this way that I intend to offer my services.

The following listing provides an extensive but by no means exhaustive list of the the ways in which I might be able to help.  The list is categorised for convenience.

Business Management

  • business plan and financial forecast preparation
  • staff productivity improvement and incentivisation
  • document and knowledge management
  • best practices and quality control
  • interviewing and candidate selection
  • process and workflow review
  • change implementation


  • database design and construction
  • web site development and maintenance
  • electronic publishing
  • power usage of MS Office applications
  • requirements gathering and specification writing
  • software search and selection
  • project management
  • IT supplier appraisal and auditing
  • IP protection and document encryption
  • UI appraisal
  • content management and community software advice

Sales and Marketing

  • telephone selling
  • customer feedback  interviews
  • desk/library/web research
  • historic sales evaluation
  • strategic marketing planning
  • product profitability reviews
  • management information system development
  • competitor analysis and product comparisons
  • customer database development and maintenance
  • copy and case study writing
  • direct mail/e-mail activities
  • advertising and sales effectiveness monitoring
  • questionnaire design