On-Q Solutions
Here are a selection of resources on the web that I have used and am personally prepared to recommend.

Web Hosting by WiserHosting.com

Low cost, UK-based, high quality web-hosting with excellent service and support.

The Brights

Not religious - then perhaps you're a Bright. A new word for the vast number of us who live life free of supernatural and mystical beliefs.  Visit the site now and add your voice to a rapidly growing community.

Company In-Site

Need access to corporate information? Company In-Site offers its users access to more than 25,000 classified and verified links that are continuously updated and maintained by its editorial team. The site plays to the strengths of the web; information is not duplicated, it resides at a single location and is pointed to by a link or URL - direct to its source.

Password generator

Here's a site that will instantly generate a password for you together with its phonetic spelling according to a number of definable criteria.


An ASP service that will allow you to securely connect to your own PC from any other PC in the world that has a browser and a web connection.  No longer do you have to worry about having everything on your laptop and you can login to services that require a fixed IP address when you're on a dialup connection or away from home.

The Small Battery Company

Are you tired of being ripped off by high street stores when you need a new battery for that watch, calculator, camera or whatever.  Here's the answer - excellent advice, no minimum order and delivery to your door.